Our Location

Released June 15, 2021

Solid Ultrabattery’s new Research & Development facility will be located at 590 Hanlon Creek Blvd in Guelph, Ontario and will be operational by November 1st, 2021. All major prototype and test equipment has been ordered and will be commissioned prior to the official grand opening. The new R&D facility will be fully equipped to build prototype batteries which include fabrication of the pouch cell and solid electrolyte. The facility will also be equipped with test equipment to validate the batteries in house prior to formal validation by an accredited laboratory.

Completion of the prototype battery assembly line equipment

Updated August 19, 2021

The company is pleased to announce the completion of the prototype battery assembly line equipment and subsequent CSA certification by an overseas vendor. The equipment is currently in transit to the Guelph location and is scheduled to arrive by mid October. The construction of the battery laboratory at the Guelph plant continues to progress rapidly with the concrete floors and fire resistant walls now completed in anticipation of the arrival of the prototype battery assembly line. An application for a permit has been submitted to the City of Guelph for approval.

Laboratory and office locations
Glove box equipment for battery R&D